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What makes
Three Peaks

Developing capacity to pay attention

Requiring children to focus and build the habit of paying attention is critical in an age of distraction

Unique approach to discipline

Teachers build a relational alliance, sow inspirational ideas, proactively support weakness, and allow for natural consequences

Literature based curriculum

Children learn from texts in narrative form with high levels of language, rather than textbooks, and are not spoken down to

Affordable Independent School with Small Classes

Our approach to education can only be effectively applied in small classes, never exceeding 18 children

Minimal Homework

With such genuine learning happening during school hours, there is less need for homework, taking pressure off family life

Meaningful Assessment

Children aren’t taught in order to be tested. No preparation is required for formal assessments – they are a genuine evaluation of what the child is learning at school

Non-competitive classroom environment

The atmosphere promotes a true love for learning, not working a system to earn rewards or avoid punishment

Growth mindset over performance

Teachers recognise strengths but lean into weakness to support growth in a holistic manner