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Educational Philosophy & Pedagogy

Charlotte Mason believed the idea that a ‘child is a person’ was revolutionary.

Children are made in the image of God and are worthy of love and respect. Relationships are at the heart of learning. A true education involves a child coming to understand themselves in relation to God, the present, the past, nature, literature, music, art, and human needs and aspirations.

A child’s intelligence should not be underestimated. They are created desiring to learn – they are not passive, merely waiting to be filled with information, but are active seekers, eager for knowledge, ideas and experience. Childhood should provide opportunities for discovery by engaging directly with the world, from a place of relationship, peace and joy.

Our educational model is built on the following three pillars:

Joyful Environment +

A joyful, supportive environment where children are safe, secure and valued. Children are nurtured and grow relationally.

Habit Training +

A foundation of good, life giving habits that develops your child’s capacity for focused, sustained attention. The discipline and structure that enables habit and character formation.

Living Curriculum

A rich curriculum provides a broad foundation of knowledge, develops independent thinkers, and cultivates your child’s natural curiosity and motivation to engage with the world.


A distinctive learning methodology used at Three Peaks is that of narration. Children are expected to pay attention when engaging in class and the teacher can call on anyone to tell back what they have heard. This method helps children to assimilate what has been presented to them, which then sets them up to engage with the ideas presented. Class discussions develop the capacity to listen carefully to others, clearly articulate thoughts, and engage in collaborative discussion.


In a peaceful and joyful atmosphere, where children feel secure and valued, ideas can be engaged with freely. The children are exposed to a vast array of inspirational and disciplinary subjects. In small classes of no more than 18 children, we offer a relational education with a high level of engagement expected.

Whatever the natural gifts of the child, it is only so far the habit of attention is cultivated in them that they are able to make use of them

Charlotte Mason

Our teachers are in continuous training in the philosophy and pedagogy of Charlotte Mason as a member of Ambleside Schools International, and are regularly equipped to deal with issues pertaining to children in Cape Town today.

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