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Gardens Nook

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 enjoy a flexible, partial week programme from 2 to 5 days. We also offer a Grade R programme.

What we do all day

The day starts with outdoor play and at 9am children make their way inside for their circle time. They greet each other, observe the weather, listen to and engage with a Bible story. The children enjoy poetry and singing each morning and playfully build their pre-maths, pre-literacy and pre-writing skills.

After snack and outdoor play time from 10am – 11am, the children come back inside for an inspirational subject. Over the course of the week, these lessons include Picture study, Nature study, Seasonal readings, Literature and Composer study. All these subjects require the child to learn to observe and pay attention to beauty in a variety of forms. They are directed to respond to what they are presented with by discussing ideas, drawing and handwork.


Grade R subjects, in addition, include Froebels, Phonics for Reading and Spelling, Home Narration, Afrikaans, Tales and Fables, Mental and Practical Maths, Handwriting, Sports coaching and Read Aloud.

Extended Care

For parents needing a slightly longer day schedule, the extended care programme runs until 2:20pm during the term.

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