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Extended Care

To serve families with a single pick up time, or parents of young children who need a longer day, we run an extended care class until 2:20pm, when our last class finishes. A termly booking secures your child’s place in this class, although you can enquire on the day whether there is a spot for your child if you need it.

Sports &
Extra Murals

Our children have sports coaching and physical conditioning included in the school programme. We do not have sports teams or provide extra murals at Three Peaks but encourage parents to take advantage of the many opportunities provided around the city.

Here are some recommendations from our community:

  • Welgemeend School of Music based at Jan van Riebeeck High School
  • Cape Town Ballet Centre
  • Scouts
  • Waterfront Theatre School
  • Robotics at the Cape Town Science Centre

We do not recommend that children be so overscheduled that they don’t have time for rest and unstructured play – this will backfire on the benefit to the family.