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With Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy resonating with the research insights of modern day neuroscience, our educational approach inspires genuine learning and an appetite for the good, true and beautiful.

What They’ll Learn

While Ambleside started in the USA, the curriculum has been adapted for local needs so the children get the most out of a global – local curriculum. Charlotte Mason believed that children should be given a liberal education – the world is a beautiful place and as part of every child’s inheritance they should be exposed to as much of this as possible.

Inspirational & Disciplinary Subjects

Our primary school children start every day with a Bible lesson. Then, throughout the day, they enjoy a wide range of disciplinary and inspirational subjects which are alternated throughout the day to keep the children stimulated and their attention focused.

Disciplinary subjects include Handwriting, Transcription, Dictation, Ambleside Phonics for Reading and Spelling Programme, Recitation, Singapore Maths and Ambleside Mental Maths Programme, Grammar, Art, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

Inspirational subjects include Poetry, Read Aloud, History Readings, Nature Study, Science, Geography, Literature, Picture Study, Composer Study, Handwork and Home Narration.