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Our Story

Like our children, we started small.


Gardens Nook Pre-School was founded with the vision of establishing a pre-school of excellent reputation in the Cape Town City Bowl providing high quality schooling based on Christian foundations.

Humble beginnings

Holy Trinity Church’s hall was transformed into a beautiful classroom and Nicolette Skead began to teach her first class of 4 children. Word of this nurturing little school soon spread. Four years later Gardens Nook was a thriving pre-school and the seeds of a Primary School had been planted.

Three Peaks is born

A group of parents began to wrestle with the idea of entrusting their children’s future to a school system that seemed to be getting more demanding on the family, yet less effective at equipping children with the character, competence and social skills they would need to prepare them for the future.

They dreamt of an alternative, yet grounded education rooted in Christian values where children are valued and seen as active contributors capable of great works.

Three Peaks School NPC was established shortly thereafter, in partnership with Ambleside Schools International.

A growing,
diverse community

The school now serves more than 60 children across the pre-school & primary school, from a diversity of suburbs, nationalities and socio-economic backgrounds in Cape Town.

Three Peaks School was established as a non-profit company to ensure the school never becomes an exclusive, profit seeking entity. Three Peaks is registered as a PBO and can issue tax receipts for any donations made.

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